Whatsapp Thoughts??

Ok guys i was thinking rather than giving trades out over Twitter that maybe a Whatsapp messaging group may be better to accompany the live room?? Thoughts please!!

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By fxsundays

26 comments on “Whatsapp Thoughts??

  1. That sounds even better, J! Instead of logging on to Skype, your texts will come to us instead. 100% supportive :)

  2. I think what’s up is only on mobiles where twitter can be desktops and configure SMS to mobiles ..

    You also need data connection ..so if in a place where no Internet you would not get the signal or alert..

    Just thoughts


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Awesome!! Used twitter for other signals and they were ALWAYS late. BTW.. Nailed JPY this week!! 2 weeks with this strategy and already making back lost pips. Big confidence boost. Thanks!!

  4. Hi mate Joined your service and got all the info by e mail Is there an e book that can be sent with the same info ? Also the stuff sent to me , does that mean I am a member with access to the live room ? Sorry for the crappy questions I am a complete nunce as I haven’t even got my head round the setting up of charts yet I can just about get my head round putting an e mail together but there ya go hopefully will find someone that can show me how to set stuff up and practice !! Regards John Sent from my iPhone

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